Clinical Physio St Ives team

Careers at Clinical Physio


“Turning today’s physio’s into tomorrow’s leaders.”


It is our daily mission to be better physio’s and better people tomorrow than we were today.


Learning and knowledge advancement is deeply embedded into our culture and our daily routines.

Our structured learning involves:

  • 90min in-services EVERY Tuesday.
  • “Whiteboard of Knowledge” – New research posted each week.
  • Weekly 1 Hour learning/questions session with Principal Physiotherapist and Educator, Andrew Clark
  • Annual, “all expenses paid” Education Retreat
    • Previous destinations include Umina Beach in 2020 and Pullman Magenta Shores in 2021
  • Tickets and accomodation for the annual APA “Thrive” Conference. Next conference is to be held in Brisbane in March 2022.


What makes Clinical Physio Unique?

Our number 1 Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is patient outcome based, NOT revenue or appointment number based.

Our learning culture is like no other. We spend our days talking about how to help our patients get better, not how many appointments we’ve had or how much money we’re making. This philosophy means it’s a low-pressure work environment where everyone, including our patients, are on the same page.


What does a typical week look like?

  • 1 Hour Initial Appointments
  • 40 Min follow-ups
  • Maximum 40 appointments per week
  • 20% of your week is set aside for admin tasks, research and downtime.
  • 2 Hours EVERY Tuesday for lunch and inservice. Each Team member presents 3 hours worth of up-to-date content/practical, across 2 weeks, twice a year.
  • 40 Min communal afternoon teas Mon-Fri.




  • Kitchenette with barista-style coffee machine and Pablo & Rusty’s house blend beans delivered fortnightly. (Our fearless leader, Andrew is a barista extraordinaire!)
  • Bathroom and laundry
  • Full gym and pilates studio with all pilates equipment, squat rack, smith machine, leg press, leg curl/extension, dumbbell rack 5-30kg, olympic weights, treadmill, bike and water rower.
  • 5 treatment areas including 2 private/closed rooms and 3 curtained rooms.

Our Vision

3.3 million Australians suffer from persistent pain yet only 1% receive the appropriate care.

We’re trying to change that by reducing the need for, and referrals for pain-killers, injections and surgical interventions.

Our longer consults (1 Hour Initials and 40min follow ups) and no-nonsense, active approach is helping as achieve that every day.

It shocks us that still to this day, with all the access we have to the latest research, that patients still come to us commonly without a diagnosis after years of treatment and reporting previous treatments of ultrasound, interferential, regular cortisone injections or weekly “adjustments”.

We firmly believe can change all this, 1 patient at a time.


Current Positions Available

PT/FT Physio for Jan/Feb 2022 start. View the job here.