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Teenage “Learn to Lift” Strength Classes

Would you like your child to have a safe introduction to weight-lifting?
Do they want to know how to lift with a technique specific to their body type?
Do they want to prevent injury and improve performance?

Come and join our teenage weight training program

Our “Learn to Lift” teenage weight training program has been specifically designed to safely introduce young athletes to the gym and also provide them with the knowledge to progress their strength in ways that will not only improve performance but more importantly, reduce injury risk.

Vas Krishnan is a Physiotherapist and Strength & Conditioning Coach who is passionate about athlete development and injury prevention.

What your Teenager will learn?

Programs will be individual and specific, based on the goals and level of experience of each athlete.

  • Learn the best and safest lifting technique based on your own hip and lumbar spine anatomy (everyone is different).

  • Learn the big lifts, including:

    • ​Powerlifting Movements (Squat Variations, Deadlift Variations, Bench press Variations),

    • Olympic Lifts (Clean and Jerk Variations, Snatch Variations), Sports Specific Movements

  • Learn how to progress your weight safely and to promote the healthiest strength gains

  • Learn how to plan your workout depending on your goals whether they be to build endurance, strength, muscle size or power.

Finer Details

  • Max 6 per class

  • Your child will need a Physiotherapy Pre-Assessment to assess goals and lumbar spine, hip, knee and ankle range of motion.

  • Cost

    • Pre-Assessment = $105

    • Casual Class $40

    • 10 Class pack = $320