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Pilates at Clinical Physiotherapy

St Ives

6 months in the making, we were so excited to open our BRAND NEW ST IVES STUDIO in July 2023.

We are now able to help more people than ever with our Clinical Reformer and Strength Classes all supervised by qualified Physiotherapists.

Clinical Pilates can help a wide-range of conditions and can make the most impact on those suffering from Lower Back, Hip or Knee pain.

Choose from:

  1. Private 1 on 1
  2. Clinical Rehab (Max 4 per class)

All classes are eligible for Health Fund* claiming.

Download the Clinical Physiotherapy app for Apple and Android so you can:

  • View our timetable
  • Book/manage your classes
  • Manage payments
Clinical Physio app

Looking for a St Ives Pilates class? View our Timetable below.

What is Clinical Pilates? 

Clinical Pilates is different from standard Pilates as it involves a tailored exercise program based on a physiotherapy assessment. The specific choice of Pilates exercises can make a significant difference in your outcome and benefit.


Conditions suitable for Clinical Pilates

  • Chronic Lower Back Pain

  • Chronic Neck Pain
  • Pelvic pain and sacroiliac dysfunction

  • Post-operative rehabilitation after lumbar or hip surgery

  • Pre and Post-Natal rehabilitation

  • Pelvic floor dysfunction

  • Arthritis

  • Improving balance and mobility

  • Improving athletic performance


How does it work?

Step 1 – Start with a 1 Hour Physiotherapy assessment to assess your strength, flexibility and chat about your goals.

Step 2 – Choose how much supervision you would like. Private 1 on 1 or Clinical Rehab Group (max 4 patients)

Step 3 – Download the Mindbody app and book/change all your classes online.

Step 4 – Reassess every 6 months to check your strength and function to make sure you are achieving your goals.



How much does it cost?

All classes run for 50mins.


Casual – $140*

10 Pack – $1250*


Clinical Rehab – Max 4 per class

Casual – $55*

10 Pack – $480* ($48/class)

20 Pack – $900* ($45/class)

30 Pack – $1260* ($42/class)

3 Classes per week Monthly Membership – $350 ($27/class) – NON CLAIMABLE



New Patients will need a 1 Hour assessment prior to starting at a cost of $140, plus a 40 min reassessment every 6 months. A statement will be provided once you have completed your sessions within your pack.


1) Can I claim classes on my health fund? 
The short answer is yes, if you purchase a casual visit or one of our multiple visit packs. Some patients have had some difficulty with the statements that the Mindbody software produces so we are currently doing them manually. Please allow us some time to prepare them accurately so you can claim without any hassle. 
Please also note that the claim code of Clinical Rehab classes is 560 and is called “Group Physiotherapy”. 
2) How can I guarantee myself a regular spot? 
With more classes slowly being added each week, and over 100 patients now attending classes, it’s becoming a monumental task to track all our regular attendees to make sure they have bookings in place.  
So moving forward, the only way to book a regular spot, will be to have enough credit on your account to cover your upcoming classes OR purchase our new discounted membership option. We will no longer be able to place a long-term booking that isn’t attached to a pack or a membership. 
Next month we will release our new “branded” Mindbody app which will allow you to book a recurring class via the app.
3) What is the easiest way to book?
The app is by far the easiest way to book a class. You can see all available classes and whether they are full or not. 
If a class is full, simply add yourself to the waitlist and you will get an sms as soon as a spot becomes available. 
4) How can I see how many sessions I have left in my pack?
The app! Click on “Profile” on the bottom right of the app, then click “Passes”. See below.
5) What is the easiest way to pay?
The app! Mindbody has Level 1 credit card encryption (highest level) so you know your details are safe. You can even choose to store your card details to make future payments easier.
If you go to book a class and you have no credit left, the app will invite you purchase either a casual class or a pack.
6) What happens if I cancel too late?
We have shortened our cancellation timeframe to just 8 hours. Any cancellations that occur within the 8-hour timeframe will incur the full cost of the class.
7) How often do I need an assessment?
Health funds require assessments at “regular intervals” which is obviously open to interpretation. We recommend having an assessment at least every 6 months, or more regularly if you are suffering from a more severe condition that needs closer monitoring. 
8) Do you have membership/direct debit options?
Yes! We have just released a 6-month membership option to cater for those that wish/need to attend at least 2-3 times a week and want the security of booking classes well in advance. 
The cost of the membership is $350/month, so if you attend 3 x per week, it equates to $27/class.
Unfortunately, you will not be able to claim your membership through your health fund as memberships do not comply with health fund claiming rules. 
The 6-month membership can be purchased in the app or in the clinic. To purchase via the app, simply search for Clinical Physio on Mindbody and scroll to the bottom to click on “View Pricing” then select “more”.

How is it different?

At Clinical Physio, you can choose your level of supervision, between private 1 on 1, up to a class of 4.

You will first undergo a full, 1-Hour assessment with a Clinical Pilates Instructor and Physiotherapist, Jessica Findlay, Hannah Campbell, Maya Patel, Mikaela Rifkin or Kurt Walker.

For private and Clinical Rehab classes, your exercises will then be prescribed based on the findings of the physiotherapy assessment, which are aligned with your functional goals. 

What to bring?

  • Drinking Bottle and towel.
  • Grip Socks. We have a wide range of Move Active Grip Socks to purchase at the clinic if you don’t have any.



What does the research say about Pilates?

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