Nordbord Physiotherapy

Nordbord Hamstring Testing System

Build the most resilient hamstrings on the planet with the Nordbord Hamstring Testing System, by VALD Performance.

Combining advanced sensors, real-time data visualisation and cloud analytics, the NordBord accurately measures, monitors, and trains an individual’s hamstring strength and imbalance.

The assessment, combined with a full physiotherapy examination, can correctly identify imbalances, injury risk and rehabilitation timeframes. The end result is a faster and more sustainable return to high level competition.

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nordbord results


  1. Assess – 5 different tests that assess concentric, eccentric and isometric strength AND imbalances Right Vs Left
  2. Train with real-time feedback
  3. Re-assess monthly/quarterly and track your progress



About VALD

VALD provides innovative human-measurement technology to over 850 of the world’s most elite sporting teams, clinicians, universities, hospitals and defence departments.