Covid-Safe Policies

Updated January 4th, 2022

These policies are in place to protect both staff and patients and to slow the spread of Covid-19.


For Staff

N95 Face Masks for physio’s, surgical masks for reception.
Rapid Testing every 3 days
Clean bed/chairs after every patient
Additional Rapid test if a positive case attends the clinic as per Aus Govt guidelines
Do not attend if symptomatic
Fully vaccinated inc booster when eligible
Regular sanitisation of hands
Gym windows to remain open all day


For Patients

Face Masks required at all times if age >12, unless exercising in the gym.
Do not attend if symptomatic
Inform front desk of vaccination status. Rapid Test and N95 mask if unvaccinated
Sanitise hands on entry and prior to touching any equipment
QR Code check-in required